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We are a team of business management consultants with extensive knowledge and experience in aviation.

We use our in-depth expertise, skills and experiences to develop and execute solutions fully tailored to each of our clients’ needs.

We deliver strategic and operational value, with tangible impact on our clients' performance.


  • Shared Purpose and Values
  • Leadership
  • Our Associates

Every member of our team shares the same purpose: to help our clients connect vision with execution.

We make this happen through critical analysis and a detailed understanding of our clients’ business goals, a precise definition of the steps required to reach these goals, flawless execution, and relentless focus on innovation and continuous improvement.

The values that define how we work are Excellence, Relationships and Integrity.

We abide by the idea that “Good is the enemy of Great”, and push ourselves and our clients to continuously improve in order to truly reach Excellence.

Relationships are what fuels our passion for what we do and are a key factor in our success in our trade. They give us the insights, inspiration and collaboration we need to generate ideas and results for our clients.

Without Integrity, our commitment to Excellence and Relationships is meaningless. Integrity is our promise to deliver consistently, ethically, and without compromise. It means we are accountable.

Larry Alexandre

Managing Partner

Vancouver, BC
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Transformation & Optimization
  • Organizational Design & Team Effectiveness
  • Restructuring & Performance Turn-around
  • Transaction Advisory

Larry co-founded Alexandre Dhanwant Associates after a succession of senior executive roles in the aviation industry. Having led multiple business and operational transformations in this segment, Larry has a unique understanding of what it takes to develop and execute sustainable strategies. His focus on leadership development and change management, combined with a disciplined approach to process improvement and service delivery, have enabled all of his former teams to significantly improve their market position, customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies, as well as their financial performance.

Prior to launching Alexandre Dhanwant Associates, Larry’s roles in the industry included President of Heli-One, President of Sagem Avionics, COO for Turbomeca in the Americas, and VP of International Operations & Sales for Teleflex Aerospace Manufacturing.

Prab Dhanwant

Managing Partner

Vancouver, BC
  • Team effectiveness & Talent Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Cross-functional Project Management
  • Marketing, Communications & Sales Enablement

Prab co-founded Alexandre Dhanwant Associates following five years at Heli-One where she was involved in executive level support, strategic planning, and marketing and performance improvement initiatives.  Throughout her career, she has used her project management skills and astute team enablement focus to deliver consistent performance across a number of industries, including aviation. 

Prab’s cross-functional experience provides her with a distinct perspective on corporate strategy and relationships at various levels. She has built a reputation for efficiently organizing and simplifying large and complex projects, and delivering great outcomes through excellent execution. She is passionate about enabling continuous improvement and helping individuals and teams achieve their full potential.

The diversity in skill set and experience of our associates allows us to offer our clients proven and optimal solutions

At Alexandre Dhanwant Associates, we seek out the finest talent to deliver a service that our clients and we are proud of. We are continuously adding to our pool of Associates in order to provide our clients with the knowledge and experience they need.


Indy Jaswal

Indy Jaswal

Senior Associate

Indy Jaswal

Senior Associate

Vancouver, BC
  • Operations Management (MRO, Modifications)
  • New Product/Service Introduction
  • Technology Transfer / Greenfield Sites
  • Continuous Improvement / Lean Deployment

Indy brings more than 25 years of aviation experience in leadership roles for commercial airlines, helicopter operators and military contractors. Over the course of his career, he has been consistently instrumental in optimizing maintenance operations and delivering peak performance for industry leaders.

Victor Pang

Victor Pang

Senior Associate

Victor Pang

Senior Associate

Vancouver, BC
  • Corporate Strategy & Restructuring
  • Financial Planning & Business Analytics
  • Cash Flow & Capital Structure Improvement
  • Transaction Advisory
  • Due Diligence
  • Investor Communication

Victor has a proven track record in financial performance management at public and private equity-backed companies across a number of industries, including aerial services, where he led the global financial planning and corporate development teams of a $1.8B large fleet operator.

He has also led M&A projects, the selling of companies, post-merger integration, $600M private equity financing and a $340M IPO on the NYSE. Victor is also the Managing Director of Advenico Finance Consulting, a boutique firm providing financial expertise to companies across all industries.

Shireen Amijee

Shireen Amijee


Shireen Amijee


Vancouver, BC
  • Commercial Policy & Pricing Development
  • Contract Profitability
  • Commercial Bids/Proposals/Contracts
  • Power by the Hour Programs

Shireen is highly specialized in the design, execution and management of commercial processes and has a deep knowledge of aviation support contracts. She has spent most of her career leading or supporting teams involved with complex support programs, such as power by the hour or tip to tail services, and has a proven track record in maximizing contract profitability.

Alun James

Alun James


Alun James


Vancouver, BC
  • Operations Management (Manufacturing, MRO)
  • Continuous Improvement / Lean Deployment
  • Change Management

Over the course of his career, Alun has successfully managed operations in a number of industries, including military aviation, helicopter MRO and oil and gas component manufacturing. Each time, his focus has been executing operational transformation while strengthening processes, engaging employees, and delivering tangible performance improvements.

Hayden Olson

Hayden Olson

Senior Associate

Hayden Olson

Senior Associate

Portland, OR
  • Business Development Strategy
  • Pricing and Proposal Strategy
  • Business Transformation and Continuous Improvement
  • Government Contracting

Hayden is a strategic finance executive with over 14 years of experience in finance, business development, operations, and strategic planning in global organizations, including Erickson International, Dyncorp International, and American Express.

Hayden has a proven ability to quickly deliver innovative solutions to difficult problems in dynamic environments, with tangible financial and operational performance improvements. He is an experienced catalyst for cross functional transformation projects, contract profitability enhancements, and large scale business development initiatives, from government contracting to building commercial pipelines in excess of $1B. 

Michelle Smeltzer-Beames

Michelle Smeltzer-Beames


Michelle Smeltzer-Beames


Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Performance Management & Balanced Scorecard Development
  • Cross-Functional Project & Program Management 
  • Process Mapping & Lean Deployment
  • Change Management

Michelle specializes in cross-functional program management, performance management and other end-to-end process development or improvement. Her background spans wide, having held a number of leadership roles in operations, customer support and finance for aviation companies in the MRO and aerial services sectors.

She has a demonstrated ability to bridge gaps between corporate and operational objectives, while ensuring sustainable outcomes. 


Jim Swoboda

Jim Swoboda

Senior Associate

Jim Swoboda

Senior Associate

Vancouver, BC
  • Maintenance Operations Management 
  • Technical Services & Support
  • Fleet Management
  • Engineering (Design & Reliability)

Jim is a seasoned executive leader in the world of aviation, from aircraft maintenance and fleet management, to technical and engineering services for large fleet operators and maintenance organizations. He has a proven track record in establishing, developing and running world-class global service organizations, for both the fixed and rotary wing sectors.



Lindsay Adams

Lindsay Adams

Senior Associate

Lindsay Adams

Senior Associate

Dallas, TX
  • Leadership in MRO, New Production and Manufacturing Quality
  • Process Improvement and Development
  • Business and Quality Risk Assessments
  • Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Systems development and implementation
  • Regulatory matters Part 145, Part 21 and AS/ISO

Lindsay has held leadership roles in multiple companies during his 30+ years of experience, with performance improvements coming across all accountable areas. Responsibilities have included but not been limited to Quality Systems in Manufacturing and MRO, Supplier Development, Continuous Improvement, Process Development and Regulatory compliance with success achieved in all areas. He always considers the Big Picture for the entire company.

Alexandre Dhanwant Associates brings a wealth of experience and an impressive track record in high level operational and maintenance leadership.

Our Services

  • Advisory
  • Business Transformation
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneur Support

Helping executive teams, boards and private equity firms maximize value creation and assess preferred options for their investment

Corporate clients and private equity portfolio companies benefit from a broad range of advisory services. We enable their executives to define and execute on growth strategies with in-depth knowledge and analytics.

Our advisory services support clients at all stages of the investment and strategic planning process:

  • Industry or market assessment
  • Corporate strategy formulation
  • Organizational audits
  • Transaction advisory and due diligence
  • Corporate development (M&A)
  • Post-closing integration support

Enabling executives and functional leaders to deliver superior performance

Our specialized knowledge of key business functions, along with our experience in successfully deploying cross-functional transformation programs, gives us the ability to provide our clients with the tools and plans necessary to produce tangible performance improvements.

While all of our business transformation services target ambitious step changes, these are always grounded in an analytical understanding of business realities and the implications of change for all stakeholders. The end result combines real tangible financial improvements, positive change, and robust process standardization, to deliver superior and sustainable performance.

Our services focus on:
  • Organizational design
  • Operational excellence
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Sales enablement and planning
  • New product or service introductions
  • Performance turn-around & restructuring

Leveraging disruptive innovations to achieve step changes in operational performance and service delivery

With our in-depth understanding of aviation market dynamics and future trends, and our commitment to continuous improvement and excellence, we develop innovative, sustainable and value-creating strategies for our clients.

We continually monitor evolving customer requirements and work with our clients, business partners and technical experts to devise technologies and services with the potential to redefine industry standards and deliver step changes in performance.

Our focus is on:
  • Applying technology solutions to operational issues
  • Pilot project identification
  • Innovation in services and support
  • Innovative business models
  • Implementation project management or support

Partnering with entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals

With our knowledge of enterprises of all sizes and a track record delivering value and growth, we advise entrepreneurs and smaller service providers at a crossroads in their business development.

A great number of entrepreneurs and small businesses in the aviation segment are facing real challenges to take their business to the next level in terms of financial performance or market penetration. They require support and knowledge to develop mid- to long-term plans, accelerate their growth, raise the necessary capital, or to define the right exit strategy.

By partnering directly with these entrepreneurs and giving them access to our network of associates, we are able to provide the knowledge capital necessary to address their growth or performances challenges, and define a roadmap to success in line with their ambitions.

  • Organizational or operational transformation
  • Growth strategies
  • Exit strategies
  • Partnerships
  • Fund sourcing (access to capital and investor relations)

Alexandre Dhanwant Associates is a rare commodity in the consulting world, providing executive board room level expertise and leadership, as well as execution and project management resources to see its clients’ projects through to the delivery of tangible value.

Media & Insight

Optima Aero and Alexandre Dhanwant Associates enter formal partnership

Optima Aero (OA), a leading solutions provider on PT6T, PT6B, PW200 and Arriel engines, and Alexandre Dhanwant Associates (ADA), a boutique aviation consulting firm specializing in operational and support optimization in the helicopter industry, are pleased to announce they have entered into a formal partnership.

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Helitech 2015: Optima Balance

A partnership between engine servicing company, Optima Aero and aviation consultants Alexandre Dhanwant Associates (ADA) has been announced at Helitech.

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As a “boutique” consulting firm, their focus remains on quality rather than quantity, on relationships rather than transactions, and on results and progress rather than grand theories.

Clients & Partners

Client: Air Methods (Englewood, CO)

Sector: Helicopter Operations (Air Medical)

Air Methods

Dedicated to air medical transport, focusing on quality of care to patients and safety in aviation.

Client: BBA Aviation (Grapevine, TX)

Sector: Aviation Support & Aftermarket Services

BBA Aviation

A market-leading provider of global aviation support and aftermarket services.

Client: BC Partners (Paris, France)

Sector: Private Equity

BC Partners

A pan-European buy-out investor currently advising funds totalling over 12 Billion Euros.

Client: Erickson (Portland, OR)

Sector: Aviation Services & MRO


A global aviation services company providing commercial and military aerial support with a mixed fleet of aircraft, as well as manufacturing and MRO services to operators worldwide.

Client: LifePort Inc. (A Sikorsky Company) (Woodland, WA)

Sector: Aviation Systems

LifePort Inc.

A world leader in the design, manufacture and certification of a wide range of mission equipment products for the aviation industry.

Client: Onex (Toronto, ON)

Sector: Private Equity


One of the oldest and most successful private equity investment firms, currently managing $22.5 Billion in assets.

Client/partner: Optima Aero (St Martin de Beloeil, QC)

Sector: Aftermarket Services & Asset Management

Optima Aero

An aftermarket service provider focused on providing quality and affordable solutions on Pratt & Whitney Canada and Turbomeca engines.

Client: TECT Aerospace (Ft. Mitchell, KY)

Sector: Aerospace Manufacturing

TECT Aerospace

A manufacturer of structural and mechanical components and assemblies for commercial, military, business and general aviation aircraft.

Client: Gridiron Capital (New Canaan, CT)

Sector: Private Equity

Gridiron Capital

A private equity investment firm focused on partnering with niche manufacturing, business service, and specialty consumer product companies.

Client: P4G Capital Partners (San Francisco, CA)

Sector: Private Equity

P4G Capital Partners

A private equity firm focused on partnering with entrepreneurs by providing capital, resources and operational expertise to fuel extraordinary growth.

Ariane Strategy (Paris, France)

Sector: Management Consulting

Ariane Strategy

A management consulting firm specialized in growth strategies, new market development and large governmental projects.

Columbia Helicopters (Aurora, OR)

Sector: Helicopter Services & MRO

Columbia Helicopters

A full service multi-mission helicopter operator and FAA Approved Part 145 repair station.

Upskill (Herndon, VA)

Sector: Wearable Technology


The global leader in wearable software technology, delivering solutions for hands-on work across multiple industries, including aerospace.

Vallair (Senningerberg, Luxembourg)

Sector: Aviation Services & Asset Management


An aviation group providing a wide range of solutions: from asset trading, aircraft recycling, to conversions, MRO, as well as spare parts sales and inventory management.

Client: HeliSpeed (Blackpool, England)

Sector: Pilot Services


A specialized services company focused on solving pilot staffing issues for helicopter operators and owners.

Client: Motorflug (Baden Baden, Germany)

Sector: Helicopter MRO


A leading helicopter MRO service provider supporting a variety of light to medium OEM platforms.

Client: CGX Aero (Castres, France)

Sector: Aviation Data Solutions

CGX Aero

An innovative player in the field of geographical and aviation information management.

Client: Precision Aircraft Solutions (Hillsboro, OR)

Sector: Integrated Aircraft Services & Conversions

Precision Aircraft Solutions

An international leader in aircraft modifications, conversions and logistics.

Their distilled experience has been captured in the balanced approach they offer to increase operational effectiveness.


Telephone: +1 604.385.1835